LUX means "light" in Latin. Light can also be defined as knowledge & information. That is our passion.


LUX Mobile Apps was launched in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2011 to help local businesses & organizations create an innovative mobile strategy for their customers, members & fans. We have been evolving a lot since then.


Jorge Nahum Reyes [founder and project manager] recognized that the Mobile Applications industry is booming and because of it every business will need to develop an 'App Strategy'. Similar to the early 2000's when websites became a part of everyday business, mobile is the next step in connecting to today's consumers. Never before has there been a way to have your business sit in your customer's pocket, one click away.


We are a company that is passionate about not just technology but design, music, and art in all its variations. We are big advocates of green & socially responsible practices, intelligent design, renewable energies, and yummy food.


Our main goal is to help local small/medium businesses all over the world reach their customers and help their local economy thrive through the implementation of our technology & design. We just want to make this a better world. :)



-The LUX team





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